Rock Paper Scissors – An Android App

Rock Paper Scissors is a simple selection game. This app is now available in the android market for free. The main screen appears like this:


When you touch anywhere in the app screen, it takes you to the page where you can select your gesture.


You can tap either an image of the gestures or a button. Then you’ll get the result right away! Here is the samples of the result screens.




In case, you are not familiar with this expanded game’s rule, there is a short rule guide to help you understand with this game’s rule. The rules have been also described below:

* Scissors cut paper
* Paper covers rock
* Rock crushes lizard
* Lizard poisons Spock
* Spock smashes scissors
* Scissors decapitate lizard
* Lizard eats paper
* Paper disproves Spock
* Spock vaporizes rock
* Rock crushes scissors

You can grab this app here.


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