Fine Tuning – 1

Some strange results have come up in about the last 20-30 years, particularly in astronomy and also in quantum physics, which suggest that the universe actually may have a purpose and physicists are now suggesting it does have a purpose.

And this has come out of some of the fundamental numbers in atomic physics.

During the past 40 years, scientists have determined the relative strength of each of these primary laws and forces. These strengths are so critically balanced that they are often described as being finely tuned.

These are numbers like the mass, the weight of an electron, the weight of a quark, the strength of gravity, the strength of the electromagnetic field. About 20 numbers that describe those and other parameters, features of our world, but nobody knows why it is that those numbers have the particular values that they do.


Now you could easily say, “Yeah who really cares? you change the mass of electron by a little bit more, a little bit less. Does it really matter?” And the answer is, “YES, it does!!! “

It turns out, if you imagine that we have 20 dials right here and we could fill with 20 numbers at will, even a small change to the values of the known values of those numbers would cause the world as we know it to disappear!!!

Source: The Signs of God’s Existence


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